Information and Discussion about Conifers

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PHYLOGENY: Family relations.

Taxonomy: Taxonomy

DATA + PROGRAMS: For scientific and educational use.

MORPHOLOGY: Morphology and Anatomy.

Taxon description: Recent species, descriptions and photos.

KEYS: Identification of Family, Genus and/or Species.

CHEMISTRY: Aroma. Terpenes, Flavonoids and others.

KARYOLOGY: Number of Chromosomes.

BIOGEOGRAPHY: Recent Distribution, Ecology, Climatology.

PALAEOBOTANY: Evolution and Fossils of Gymnosperms.

PLATE TECTONICS: Plate Tectonics and Paleoclimate.

PDF-files: List of the PDF-files on this WEB-site.


REFERENCES: References to Papers and Books.

LINKS: LINKS to other WEB-sites.

DISCUSSION: Theories, Opinions and Debate about Phylogeny.

NEWS: News of Conifers and Phylogeny.

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